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High Quality Kudzu Root Extract Genistein Powder
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High Quality Kudzu Root Extract Genistein Powder

Product Name: Kudzu Root Extract Genistein Powder

Latin Name: Pueraria lobata (Wild.) Ohwi (Root)
Other Name: Genisteol
Part Used: Root
Appearance: Brown Yellow to White Fine Powder
Active Ingredient: Puerarin, Puerarin Flavonoids
Specification: Puerarin 30%, 60%, 80%, 98%, Puerarin Flavonoids 30%
CAS No.: 446-72-0
Molecular Formula: C15H10O5

Molecular Weight: 270.24

Main Function

1. Genistein can bind to estrogen receptors, play a weak estrogen-like effects,increaes bone density , and prevent bone loss, to treat osteoporosis.

2. Genistein has certain anticancer effect, can kill various cancer cells without damaging the normal cells.

3. Genistein have anti-peroxidation activity , can increase the activity of low density lipoprotein receptor , reduce cholesterol levels, accelerated cholesterol removal , to reduce plasma lipid and anti-thrombosis.

4. Genistein can inhibit mouse fibroblast NIH3T3 cell proliferation and collagen synthesis in vitro , it have therapeutic potential against liver fibrosis by regulating PDGF and TGFß1.

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