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Bolin Team Building Activities Completed Successfully
作者:Mary Ruan 发布于:2016/12/3 10:28:06 点击量:

Last weekend, Bolin Bio-tech conducted outward development activities for team building to enhance team cohesion and teamwork skills.

In the items of transposal of people on both sides and ball transfer, Bolin Bio-tech showed their excellent inter-team cooperation and convergence effectively and ability of self-control.

In the most challenging of high eight-meter broken bridge, everyone of Bolin Bio-tech defeated their own fear and completed the challenge.

In the last item of crossing the river constructed by human arms, Bolin Bio-tech showed their good team working and self-control ability to achieve the same goal.

Bolin Bio-tech always persist Bolin's value “Focusing on active ingredients sourced from nature”, strive to be the global leading manufacturer in health industry. “Innovation is the core, Quality comes first” is Bolin’s commitment to every customer. We firmly believe the customer success is our pursuit.