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Welcome to join in Shaanxi Bolin Bio-tech Co., Ltd. 

JOB TITLE: Senior Marketing Manager

Main responsibilities:

(1) Market analysis, including industry trend, product and customer information,sales data, project investigation etc.  

(2) Executing marketing planningand making promotion policy.

(3) Organizing marketingactivities.

(4) Supporting VIP customers and speakers.

(5) Training regional sales representatives and distributors.


(1) Master or abovein life science, biology, medical relevant or marketing background.

(2) At least 6 years marketing or sales relevant experience in relevant industry, at least 6 years management experience relevant industry.

(3) CET-6 above, good English skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

(4) Good communication and presentation skill.

(5) Good team spiritand open mind.

JOB TITLE: R&D Manager


(1) Ph. D. inbiological,pharmaceutical or related field.

(2) 6 years  biological,pharmaceutical industry working experience.

(3) Good recordin biological/drug development.

(4) Management experience will be plus.


(1) Leading R&D,formulation, and related studies.

(2) Managing R&Ddepartment.

(3) Cooperatewith team in novel compound development.